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See Robert E. Howard’s world in Bannerlord

The Hyborian Age Bannerlord Mod is a free game utility developed by The Hyborian Age team. This custom add-on for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord introduces the titular fictional age, best known as the setting of the Conan the Barbarian franchise. Apart from the massive custom map, the mod also introduces new factions and clans. More importantly, it presents a custom magic system for more gameplay options.

With a surprisingly small file size, The Hyborian Age Bannerlord Mod is one of the best medieval fantasy mods available. It’s comparable to The Long Night - Game of Thrones Mod or Calradia Awakens Mod.

Be your own Conan the Barbarian

The Hyborian Age Bannerlord Mod is built on the titular Hyborian Age, a fictional period in Earth’s history written by author Robert E. Howard. Apart from being the setting of Conan the Barbarian, it was an extensive world that also serves as the setting for other of Howard’s works. This mythology lends itself to the Bannerworld game engine, allowing you to forge your own path with different strategies.

On top of its custom map, expect new factions created specifically to fill this new world. In terms of buildings and units, most of them are just reskins of base assets from Bannerlord. Most of the custom materials are those that relate to its magic system, making it a must-have for players. The campaign is where it settles into full Bannerlord territory, tasking the player with unifying the entire continent.

The game has a small file size requirement, only coming at 120.61 MB. Additionally, it supports various versions of the game, whether you got your Bannerlord from Steam or elsewhere, there are ways to make this mod work. However, despite its support and small file size, it still suffers from a couple of bugs. From reskinned assets not loading to crashing the game, most of these issues are intermittent.

A good reimagining of the Hyborian Age

Fantasy fans will definitely get their fill by playing Bannerlord equipped with The Hyborian Age Bannerlord Mod. It creates an accurate map based on the literary works that inspired it. Also, the mod makes good use of existing assets. The campaign progression isn’t entirely original but it gives you something new to do for a couple of hours. Aside from the minor bugs, it’s a good mod to check out.


  • Captures the world-building of the literary works
  • Good quality reskins
  • Small file size


  • Doesn't involve an original campaign scenario
  • Minor bugs can crash the game

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The Hyborian Age Bannerlord Mod for PC

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  • In English
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